Few main features of Fx SunRise Indicator:

Let me share amazing tool for M1-M5 time frame. Its name is SunRise. Most of tools for that time frame are useless. They show signals with delay or even worse - based on history (show awesome signals in the past, but next signals are bad). The algorithm of SunRise is based on a step following the cost using the moving average price and filter noise. Filter price removed chaotic noise of price changes, and by the use of stepwise algorithm follow the price manages to capture the long-term price movements in the short period of the schedule such as M1-M5.

ANY currency pair & M1-M5 time frame! It doesn't repainted!

Any currency pair & M1/M5 time frames

2 in ONE case system (Indicator + Filter inside)

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Forex SunRise Indicator 

Here some screenshots with signals & Pips for you. Just follow the signals. Check pdf guide for more details.

Forex ChartTrailing is not a robot or indicator. This product is best clue for manual trading that allows you to "forget" about Stop Loss and Take Profit installations. It works on all currency pairs, timeframes. Just set SL/TP levels and check trailing SL parameters in menu for each pair and GO. As soon as you make an order, ChartTrailing will set SL/TP automatically and trail SL as soon as price reaches a certain level.